Cooliris’s 3D media ads take mobile/tablet ads to a new level of interactivity and consumer engagement that will play a part in defining the future of mobile advertising.

Milton Elias, Starcom Mediavest

My Role: Technical Producer

  • Communicate schedule and asset requirements to client
  • Deliver live previews to client; gather and respond to client feedback
  • Direct engineering of front-end code
  • Direct production and optimization of visual design assets

Description from the IAB Creative Showcase

“With the help of our network partner InMobi and using Adjitsu by Cooliris technology, we were able to make innovative use of lighting, shading and motion effects to build a truly original and immersive experience which brought the Galaxy S II come to life in realistic 3D. Previous mobile rich media ads only allowed for 360-degree rotation but for the first time we enabled consumers to go beyond this via product interaction on every axis and dimension. They were able to virtually hold the handset, flip and move it around in their hands by touching the iPad accordingly. Additionally, the product inside the initial banner ad was fully interactive. People were able to manipulate the image of the phone inside the initial banner by just tilting their device accordingly – something that had never been done before in mobile advertising!” —[a•mo•bee], IAB Creative Showcase

Technical Achievements

  • First realtime 3D ad for iOS
  • 720° trackball goes beyond pre-rendered 360s
  • Parallax banner