“If you look at click-through rates on rich media, they’re declining…We have to be very careful that we don’t become outdated as an industry. What that’s going to take is breaking out of the banner. Because this idea that there’s a specific slice of my application that is just for advertising means one thing, banner blindness. People are going to ignore that slice. What we need to start doing is think about how we can integrate the advertising and the content in ways that are helpful and relevant to people.”
—Aneesh Karve

My Role: Panelist


  • New rich media formats: breaking out of the banner
  • The thin line between content and advertising
  • Alternative advertising cost models, based on engagements rather than impressions
  • Sending the right ad to the right person (data and targeting)
  • Making ads as compelling as apps
  • Getting consumers to the tipping point sooner

Rich Media 2.0: What’s Ahead – Mobile Media Summit during Advertising Week, 2013


Michael Zimbalist, SVP R&D, New York Times


  • Nick Velloff, SVP, Creative Technology Director, Deutsch LA
  • Doug Rozen, Chief Innovation Officer, MXM
  • John Baker, President, dotJWT
  • Aneesh Karve, Technical Product Manager, Amobee