Aneesh explains the PULSE 3D platform. Click above to play the video (4 min.)

We wanted to create a generation of ads where people felt like they could reach through the screen of the iPhone, reach through the screen of the iPad, and have an experience that was as good or better than being physically present in a showroom. So it’s bringing the showroom experience to the palm of your hand.

Aneesh Karve

Our goal was to take the world of display advertising and set it on fire,' says AdJitsu product manager Aneesh Karve. He says that ads today don't take advantage of the capabilities of today's hardware.

How to Make Ads That Don't Suck, John Mitchell, ReadWrite Web

My Role: Technical Product Manager, Founding Member

Found and direct AdJitsu, the world’s first realtime 3D platform for mobile display advertising. Attract advertisers including Ford, BMW, Autodesk, & Nokia; creative agencies including Team Detroit, AKQA & TBWA\Chiat\Day; and publishers including AdMarvel & AOL. Amobee acquired AdJitsu’s team and technology in May of 2012. AdJitsu became the basis for

The PULSE 3D Product Line

PULSE 3D is a platform to create, publish, and measure engaging 3D experiences for mobile audiences. I drove the roadmap for all aspects of PULSE 3D:

  • A display engine for publishers, available as an SDK for iOS & Android
  • Creative tools for agencies to build interactive 3D ads
  • Analytics reports for advertisers
  • Trafficking tools for ad networks to broadcast millions of 3D impressions


  • Product Management
    • Envision and deliver a new generation of display ads that are fast, highly interactive, and beautiful
    • Communicate product strategy and revenue projections to C-level executives
    • Devise and drive product roadmaps for display advertising on mobile devices and gesture-driven digital out of home displays
  • Engineering Management
    • Manage front-end and client-side engineers
    • Identify, triage and manage features and bugs across a team of iOS and JavaScript engineers
    • Drive publisher SDK integrations
    • Architect a programmable, designer-friendly declarative language for creating ads
    • Traffic, troubleshoot, and support live campaigns
    • Drive QA schedules and best practices
    • Author scripts to aggregate and report analytics data
    • Architect trafficking solutions using AWS and git
    • Optimize assets and code to improve network and processor performance
  • Creative Direction and Technical Production. Lead client-facing communications in the following areas:
    • Provide art direction from ad conceptualization to final artwork
    • Communicate with clients to establish asset requirements, technical capabilities, and technical limitations
    • Manage delivery and presentation of wireframes, art assets and live client previews
    • Schedule and triage front-end engineering, back-end engineering, 2D and 3D art assets
    • Gather and respond to client feedback
    • Compile, analyze, and present analytics reports to summarize user engagement
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Demonstrate products and platform to press
    • Evangelize PULSE 3D to brands, suppliers, publishers, and channel partners
    • Train sales, marketing, and creative teams on 3D platform capabilities
    • Accompany and lead Amobee sales efforts for pitches to key clients
    • Author marketing copy including slogans, product positioning, and press releases
  • Finance
    • Pitch AdJitsu to investors
    • Elucidate technology for investment bankers and investors during discovery and due diligence

Achievements & Innovations

  • Industry-leading user engagement metrics, as demonstrated in case studies for Ford, Nokia, BMW, Dish Networks and Expedia
  • More than 6 industry awards for the ads and platform (see below)
  • Introduced “hello animations” as a best practice to indicate that 3D content is interactive
  • Hybridized HTML5 and native software to achieve scale and performance. Native-APIs are JavaScript accessible via JS-Native bridge.
  • Pioneered realtime rendering and programmable graphics shaders in mobile display advertising, bringing new levels of realism and engagement to mobile ads
  • Made 3D ads easy to create via a declarative access to the 3D scene graph, transforms, and shader effects
  • Deliver ads that allow users to touch and experience products and services as if they were physically present
  • Better than the real thing: users can colorize, disassemble, enlarge and inspect 3D virtual products in ways that are impossible with physical products
  • Tip the buy: virtual product experiences bring customers closer to conversion

3D ads bring the showroom into your hand

Shader effects bring realism

Realtime physics make ads playful

Code a 3D ad in minutes

The PULSE 3D platform in detail: creative tools, publisher engine, advertiser analytics


Cooliris gathered a broad consumer following, with over 30 million downloads of its image browsing plugin for the web. As we began to search for monetization models, we couldn’t find ad formats that were as delightful as our application user experiences. A small team was tasked with applying Cooliris’s 3D expertise to produce app-quality advertisements featuring hardware-accelerated 3D. I was recruited as product manager for this emerging business unit, AdJitsu. We created a 1MB 3D engine, implemented in iOS and programmed in a homegrown XML format. The ads quickly caught on, attracting top brands and agencies such as Nokia, Autodesk, BMW, Infiniti, AKQA, and OMD. One year after its inception, AdJitsu was acquired by Amobee.

Impressions (and counting)

Industry-leading user engagement

As demonstrated in case studies for Ford, Nokia, BMW, Dish Networks, and Expedia


In May of 2012, AdJitsu was acquired by Amobee, as covered by TechCrunchVentureBeatZDNet and others.


In under a year, AdJitsu generated dozens of press articles and hundreds of mentions across the web. Of note: