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To install my displays into an NV Surround configuration was quite easy and agitation free. The process is very simplistic and well thought out... NVIDIA’s bezel correction is much easier to use than AMD’s as it has a better graphic that is easier to ‘eyeball.’... Overall NVIDIA did a better job on its Surround driver configuration than AMD did... NVIDIA simplified the process making it feel less intimidating and more intuitive.

Hard OCP

They have made huge strides towards usability and the process is extremely user friendly as it only involves a few steps...for the most part NVIDIA should be proud of what they have accomplished. For example, my usual litmus test, called "the girlfriend," resulted in a 15 minute set up time from the plugging in the monitors to a fully functional Surround setup. To show you how easy it is, below is an unedited video showing the steps.

Hardware Canucks

Product Summary NVIDIA Surround immerses gamers in 3D content that spans multiple monitors.

My Role: Lead User Experience Designer

  • Identify and overcome complex technical limitations in collaboration with the engineering teams
  • Present product experience to NVIDIA Software VPs and other senior stakeholders, gather and respond to feedback
  • Build pixel-perfect prototypes for user studies and internal feedback
  • Annotate and observe usability studies, apply findings to improve product
  • Serve as domain expert for interviews by technical writers on product features and functionality
  • Drive consensus across marketing, engineering, and user experience teams
  • Advocate for the end user with engineering teams so as to triage user experience bugs higher
  • Author detailed software specifications for engineering teams
  • Design and spec all user-facing software interfaces
  • Learn and conform to Windows user interface standards
  • Identify and drive bugs to the engineering teams

Achievements & Innovations

  • Invent “bezel peeking” feature that allows users to see behind the display bezel without a mode set
  • Strong positive reviews by HardOCP and other enthusiast sites (see review comments above)
  • Design an industry-leading setup wizard (see review comments above)
  • Designed instructive graphics to guide users through the complex process of hot-swapping monitors into Surround configurations
  • Designed calibration images to elucidate and simplify end-user bezel correction

Screenshots of the setup wizard