A comparison of switchable graphics (NVIDIA Hybrid SLI) and NVIDIA Optimus.

NVIDIA Optimus is a game changer for the notebook PC industry. It intelligently and seamlessly manages graphics performance while extending battery life to provide the best notebook PC experience.

Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research

Optimus is switchable graphics done right. No toggles, no reboots, no thinking. Finally, there is an optimized notebook solution that painlessly gives notebook users both the performance they want and the battery life they need.

Rob Enderle, President and Principal Analyst of the Enderle Group

Switchable graphics is a great idea in theory, but in practice people rarely switch between integrated and discrete GPUs. The process is just too cumbersome and confusing. Some buyers wonder why their performance is so poor when they think the discrete GPU is active, but, unknown to them, it isn’t. Optimus fixes what is broken with switchable graphics.

Roger Kay, President of Endpoint Technologies Associates

Product Summary: NVIDIA Optimus combines long battery life and high performance in a seamless user experience, no manual switches.

My Role: Lead User Experience Designer


  • Identify and overcome complex technical limitations in collaboration with the engineering teams
  • Present product experience to NVIDIA Software VPs and other senior stakeholders, gather and respond to feedback
  • Build pixel-perfect prototypes for feedback from internal stakeholders and usability studies
  • Annotate and observe usability studies and apply findings to improve product
  • Serve as domain expert for interviews by technical writers on product features and functionality
  • Drive consensus across marketing, engineering, and user experience teams
  • Advocate for the end user with engineering teams so as to triage user experience bugs higher
  • Author detailed software specifications for engineering teams
  • Learn and conform to Windows user interface standards
  • Identify and drive bugs to the engineering teams
  • Design and spec all user-facing interfaces, including the Optimus dashboard (shown on this page)

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Tech Brief (PDF)

Optimus Dashboard