My Roles: Designer, Developer, Researcher

Motivation: Make computerized algebra more like pen & paper

Algorithms for computer algebra systems have developed rapidly. Nevertheless, user interfaces for these feature-rich systems have remained stale, as command lines. GiANT is a graphical user interface for computer algebra. It creates interactive diagrams, typesets formulas, and supports drag-and-drop manipulation of elements and polynomials. The result is a visual workspace designed to support mathematical intuition and reduce cognitive load versus text-only algebra systems.


GiANT is a graphical interface for working with number fields. The visualization layer is implemented in Java (view). Algebraic computations are performed by the KASH 2.5 shell (model). Shell output is parsed with regular expressions and forwarded to the visualization layer (controller).


Special thanks to the German Academic Exchange (DAAD) for Aneesh’s fellowship, to Professor Michael Pohst, to Sebastian Pauli, and to the KANT Group at TU-Berlin for their support during the creation of GiANT.


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  • KASH: Recent Developments, Sebastian Freundt, Aneesh Karve, Anita Krahmann, and Sebastian Pauli. Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Mathematical Software, ICMS 2006, pp. 170-181, v. 4151/2006. N. Tayama and A. Igelsias (Eds.)
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