My Role: Product Manager, Creative Director, Evangelist

  • Created Amobee’s Digital Out of Home product offering for interactive display advertising on giant displays in store windows, billboards and other urban spaces
  • Launched product live to members of the press, community, and partners
  • Directed visual, interaction, and industrial design of all soft and hard surfaces
  • The product demo included the following gesture-controlled experiences:
    • Exploration of a luxury automobile featuring realtime shaders for environment mapping and depth of field. As an interactive brand experience, the user can transform the automobile into a robot that mimics her motions (see video).
    • Virtual closet allowing users to try outfits on models of varying shapes (featuring smooth vertex transitions)
    • Exploration of a home with product hotspots, where users can learn about and purchase features of the home such as furniture and kitchen equipment
  • Built in collaboration with PO-MO

Product Screenshots

Video, Car Demo

A gesture-controlled virtual showroom, showcasing the Audi R8. (Shaky cam, shot on my iPhone. Watch for more detailed videos.)