My Role: Technical Producer, Creative Director

  • Meet with creative agency to develop ad concept, communicate asset requirements, and explore creative possibilities
  • Direct production of wireframes and concept art
  • Present wireframe concepts to client
  • Manage front-end (XML) and back-end (JavaScript) development
  • Identify, triage, and circumvent bugs
  • CDN host ad resources and provide final URLs to suppliers
  • Solve emerging challenges in trafficking and engineering
  • Add full-time Creative Director to pilot ad development and increase Amobee’s 3D production capacity

Industry Response

Amobee 3D adds a new dimension to mobile and tablet advertising that allows us to convey vehicle features in very engaging and interactive ways. A majority of mobile campaigns are focused on targeting and big data; which is important; however the difference between a good mobile campaign, and a great one, is delivering an amazing interactive and creative experience. Amobee 3D gives us a brand new creative palette to develop a more engaging ad experience and tell brand stories in different ways than we can through linear video and traditional expandable mobile rich media ad units. It’s by far the coolest thing I’ve seen in mobile advertising in the last three years.

Brian Bos, Senior Vice President, Group Director of Emerging Media for Team Detroit

Our goal is to get drivers to experience the F-150 brand in a new way. This campaign uses cutting edge mobile technology to do that. The 3D platform allows you to really experience a truck--view it from multiple sides, change its color or even load up the bed to emphasize the hard work the F-150 does. This is the type of new, innovative creative we want associated with the Ford brand.

Brian McClary, Digital Marketing Manager for Ford Trucks
  • Advertiser Ford
  • Agency & Creative Team Detroit
  • Media [a•mo•bee]
Avg. Expansion Rate*
Avg. Engagement Rate*

*Cf. Celtra 2013 stats

Technical Achievements

  • Shader effects including Fresnel lensing and environment mapping
  • Cinematic camera control puts the user in the director’s chair and allows her to walk around the F-150 and load its bed