My Role: Senior Interaction Designer


  • Design and build interactive prototypes for iOS, Android, and the web
  • Design the LiveShare app for the Chrome web store
  • Envision and prototype new features and interactions (under NDA)
  • Design small-group sharing experiences for mobile users
  • Collaborate with visual designers to produce final art work
  • Drive consensus across marketing, engineering and design teams
  • Collaborate with developers to identify bugs, circumvent bugs, and simplify user flows
  • Conduct usability studies
  • Collaborate with marketing team to develop, refine, and simplify product messaging
  • Whiteboard with stakeholders, including C-levels, to generate and crystallize product ideas


  • Create pixel perfect, clickable, touchable prototypes, and product movies, near indistinguishable from the final app
  • Develop new mobile interactions (under NDA)
  • Explore fine-grained social networking in small, ad hoc groups, instead of the social flatland of facebook and twitter

See Also

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