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Aneesh leads a workshop on the next generation of rich media at Advertising Week 2013

My Role: Speaker

Workshop Description

“Amobee built PULSE 3D to close the gap between what creative teams can imagine and what’s possible on mobile. In this session, learn how to harness the power of programmable graphics shaders, physics and custom interactions to create highly engaging 3D mobile ads that go beyond HTML5’s capabilities. Demos will include tools and techniques plus case studies on how brands can leverage 3D for next-generation mobile ads.” —[a•mo•bee]

The future of mobile advertising experiences looks a lot more like film and a lot more like games than it looks like the web...If we want to survive and stay relevant as an industry, we're going to require a generation of mobile advertising experiences that are as compelling and as engaging as apps.

Aneesh Karve, Technical Product Manager for PULSE 3D

The web today is still based on pages. There’s no reason for that at all. Pages are for paper books...

Aneesh Karve