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Maslow’s hierarchy is wrong, says Gupta

By May 9, 2010blog

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There could be nothing more wrong than the Maslowian…hierarchy of needs. Because the poorest people in this country can get enlightenment…All the great saints…they were all poor people; and they had a great vision!

Please do not ever think that only after meeting your physiological needs and other needs can you be thinking about your spritual needs or your enlightenment.

Any person anywhere is capable of rising to that highest point of attainment only by the resolve that they have in their mind, that they must achieve something.”—Anil Gupta

Anil founded the Honey Bee Network to percolate innovation from the bottom of the pyramid up, with proper credit to the poor originators.

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  • Iumi says:

    This is so true! Maslov’s theory is upper middle class western…….

  • John Esser says:

    I argue that Maslow is not wrong. You must satiate the needs, in order, to at least a certain extent before you can procede up the scale. That is to say you must have at least a certain amount of sleep or you will pass out while attempting anything else.

  • Mike Eisner says:

    @John: Mr Gupta is just pointing to the evidence of many of the poorest being extremely spiritual and enlightening. Anyway, Maslow’s theory was actually an inference–drawn from a small non-representative, non-random sample drawn from students in the university where he taught. Given the weakness of method, Maslow’s ‘theory’ is no more than an assertion.

  • Bhavya Nain says:

    Maslow was wrong. See the reasons and an alternative model of hierarchy of needs, see Nain, Bhavya, Nain’s Hierarchy of Needs: An Alternative to Maslow’s & ERG’s Hierarchy of Needs (June 14, 2013). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2279375.

  • Sian says:

    I agree with both, if basic needs are not filled a person will die. The bare minimum to survive is all you need, anything more is a want. Therefore those who are poor but alive are still capable of accomplishment and self-actualization.

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