Visualization without guesswork


Logical data warehousing, teams, tradeoffs

SQL Saturday, Phoenix 2017

Visualization without guesswork

Strata + Hadoop 2017

A tour of Artificial Intelligence & its Limits

Galvanize Phoenix

Crowdsourced analysis of genomics data

ENCODE 2016, Stanford

Visualization is distortion

Strata + Hadoop 2016

Matterport 3D Showcase, 3D Capture

August 30, 2015

PULSE 3D & AdJitsu

3D Advertising platform

Ford F-150

3D mobile ad

Creating 3D Mobile Ad Experiences

Workshop, Advertising Week

Rich Media 2.0: What’s Next?

Panel, Advertising Week

Reflection Mapping for Ads

Tech demo

Interactive Voxels

Tech demo

DISH Networks

3D mobile ad

Gesture-driven Display Advertising

Digital out-of-home product

Expedia Valentine’s Day Campaign

3D mobile ad

Footwear demo

Tech demo


3D mobile ad

Nokia LUMIA 920

3D mobile ad

Infiniti JX

3D mobile ad

Physics for Engaging Ads

Tech demo

Capital One Cash Rewards

3D mobile ad

BMW i Series

3D mobile ad

Nokia LUMIA 800

3D mobile ad

The Weather Channel

3D mobile ad

UI Design Patterns

CMU Silicon Valley TOCS

Cooliris & LiveShare

Photo messaging product (thumbnail by Cooliris)

Samsung Galaxy S II

3D mobile ad

NVIDIA Surround

Consumer gaming product (thumbnail by NVIDIA)

Prototype Gestures in 5 minutes

Design technique

NVIDIA Optimus

Mobile graphics product

Raining Games

Motion graphics


Mobile graphics product (thumbnail by NVIDIA)

Genome Data Visualization

Information visualization app

Protein Data Visualization

Information visualization apps

Graphical Algebraic Number Theory

Math visualization